The 3V Invest Swiss Small & Mid Cap Fund invests in Swiss small and mid-caps and uses the SPI Small & Middle Companies Index as its benchmark. The fund rules specify that a maximum of 20% of fund assets may be invested in large caps included in the Swiss Market Index (SMI). This helps manage fund liquidity in particular. When picking stocks, we focus on companies that are market, technology, and cost leaders in their respective markets. The fund assets are invested in 30 to 35 companies (high-conviction portfolio). These offer a mix of value and growth stocks.

Our aim is to consistently outperform our benchmark. In principle, we have a relatively long-term horizon, although we also exploit short-term investment opportunities to optimize performance.

We adopt an active investment style. Investment decisions are based on fundamental analyses of the companies concerned. Macroeconomic and political factors are also factored into the decision-making process.

The fund is particularly suited to long-term investors who want to add Swiss small and mid-caps to their portfolio mix.